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Recover deleted files and partitions with Active@ UNDELETE

Date Added: December 05, 2019 09:53:10 AM
Author: Thom Henks
Category: Computer
Most of us have been there and experienced that dreaded moment of deleting an important folder, file, or even an entire hard drive partition and then noticing moments too late that important data got deleted too. Other common reasons for data loss include a ransomware attack, a power failure during a file copy operation, or even bad sectors on the disk rendering it prone to serious errors. Sometimes, human error or malicious activity might be to blame. In other situations, things can happen beyond your control. Any hardware can fail, no matter how reliable it might be. That's why you must always keep and up to date backup of your important files. Sometimes though, it's not enough, and you realize only when it's too late that you've lost important files only to find there's no current backup available to restore. Fortunately, data recovery is usually still possible, even after a file is removed from the Recycle Bin, a partition is deleted, or you format a hard drive partition. When files, folders, or partitions are deleted, any space previously occupied is marked as available to the operating system, which means another program installation or file copy or creation operation can overwrite the original data. But that doesn't often happen right away, and it can even take months or years before the original data is permanently destroyed by being overwritten. Until that happens, there's an opportunity to get back what you've lost by using specialized data recovery software. That's where Active@ UNDELETE comes in. A highly sophisticated, yet easy to use solution, it can recover deleted files and restore lost partitions. When attempting to recover data, it's always best to act quickly and take every necessary step to avoid inadvertently altering the contents of the disk concerned. That's because doing so can overwrite the deleted data and destroy it permanently. If you're attempting to recover data from a system hard drive, you should boot up the computer in a self-contained environment to reduce the chances of any further modification. To make that possible, the Ultimate version of Active@ UNDELETE ships with the latest versions of Active@ Boot Disk and Active@ LiveCD. These allow you to boot up your PC from any removable storage media, even if there isn't a working operating system installed on the machine. The latest edition, launched on October 19, also provides an improved recovery kernel and Easy Recovery Mode. Because most of the original metadata (information about the deleted file) is permanently wiped upon deletion, Active@ UNDELETE needs to look for the file signatures of the file types you're recovering. The software supports a huge range of file types, while the latest edition adds support for VHDX, BCB, PUB, VDI, FRM, IBM, and MYI formats. This makes it easier to search for and recover files of those types without having to recover everything manually. Active@ UNDELETE also supports all file systems used by current editions of Windows, Linux, Unix, and MacOS. On top of that, it can scan for and recover entire deleted partitions. Give the demo a test run today by downloading it at .