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A complete toolset for digital data recovery and security

Date Added: January 08, 2020 04:00:23 AM
Author: Serge Dutton
Category: Computer
When your computer runs into a problem that prevents it from booting, your options are typically fairly limited. Built-in recovery systems can only go so far towards recovering any deleted or damaged data and working with partitions is limited at best. If you need to perform various low-level disk functions, such as secure data erasure or file recovery, you can't do anything on the system disk if you're currently using it anyway. To work around these issues and limitations, you need a self-contained operational environment that works independently of your computer's primary storage. Active@ LiveCD provides a complete toolset with an operating system of its own that doesn't have any particular software or driver dependencies and will work on any PC with an Intel-compatible processor, 1 GB of memory and something to boot from. You can run the software from any bootable USB or optical disk. Recovery data with Active@ UNDELETE 12 and Active@ Partition Recovery 19 Active@ LiveCD 7 provides the latest versions of two of LSoft Technologies' industry leading data-recovery solutions. If you have lost important data due to accidental deletion of a file, folder or hard drive partition, you can enjoy the highest chances possible of getting back what you've lost. If you deleted or misconfigured a partition, you can also restore the data. However, it is important to act quickly before the original data ends up getting overwritten completely and thus becomes unrecoverable. To improve your chances, Active@ LiveCD lets you run these tools from their own digital storage device to prevent the risk of any further changes to the drive you are trying to recover data from. It also lets you search for specific file signatures to locate recoverable files of certain types, such as images or documents. Active@ LiveCD also comes with Active@ Password Changer 10 for helping you regain access to locked local accounts in Windows. Securely erase data with Active@ KillDisk Sometimes, your goal might be quite the opposite to data recovery. There might be situations where you specifically want to make sure that deleted data can stay deleted and that there will be no chance of it landing into the wrong hands should you decide to sell or donate your computer. The best way to do that is using Active@ KillDisk, which basically overwrites every disk sector with zeros, physically destroying the original data. While it might take some time on today's often enormous hard drives, there is simply no better way to ensure complete data erasure. This is especially important in businesses, which routinely handle sensitive data. Active@ KillDisk 12 adheres to 23 internationally recognized data disposal standards, including that used by the US Department of Defense. Active@ LiveCD 7, launched on October 31, 2019, also sports some welcome improvements to its core operating system. The bootable drive creator has been improved with several tweaks and bug fixes to make it easier to use and more reliable than ever. On top of that, you can streamline your data recovery, erasure, and partition management tasks with all the latest apps included. Find out more at .